Thursday, December 27, 2012

Zoo Atlanta

I loved taking our now 18 month old FAR to do all kinds of exciting things this Christmas season. We took him to ZOO Atlanta a few days before Christmas and we had a BALL :) Michelle gave us some free tickets and that was amazing because it would of been $80.00 just for us to get into the Zoo and that is CRAZY!

He would not look at the camera for one photo our entire trip! 
His favorite animals were the flimingos. We also rode the train and the entire time he rode his mouth was in an O shape saying OOO. He was so so excited!! :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gloves and Nail Polish and Candy oh my!

Looking at this blank box was a lot more intimidating than it looks. I did not mean to take this long to be away it just happened. I got through all of my finals and came out with 2A's and 2B's. It's not a 4.0 but I'll take it!! Between finishing school, Christmas baking, Shopping, Snow Mountain, and Zoo Atlanta I've had a busy busy couple of weeks. And you will hear all about that soon enough, but today I get to show off my goodies from the Secret Santa Swap

Gift Swap

My Secret Santa was Katelyn and she is amazing! I love the fact that I was "assigned to" bloggers that i've never known before, I love making new friends :) 

And the best part of my wonderful gift? RB painted my toes with the perfect shade of pink polish I got :) Thanks so much Katelyn!! Best Secret Santa gift ever!!! :) 

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