Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's OK

.. That I have all intentions to blog everyday but it doesn't happen. I just don't have the energy.

.. That I went blonde!

.. That I'm blogging on my iPad in my bed and not in front of a computer (So all photos are at the bottom... sorry :)

.. That I'm so sick of hearing about Reader going away.

.. That if I hear the words blog and lovin' again I may scream.

.. That I want you all to follow me via bloglovin (look for the heart in my social media links) #doublestandard

.. That I'm behind in school because FAR has been crazy sick with double ear infections.

.. That Im exhausted because I've been driving FAR back and forth to the Doctor everyday for antibiotic shots.

.. That we gave FAR his birthday present 3 months early #trampolinefun

.. That I am so proud of the fact I bought FAR 10 outfits and 2 shirts at an awesome Consignment sale #thriftynotcheep

.. That FAR has 2 BFFs like his momma #babyj #KP

Its Ok Thursdays

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