Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Notebooks and Pencils and Shots OH MY!!

So since you're taking time to read this sweet little blog then you will get to know something that nobody else knows yet! 


If you know me.... you know this is a crazy crazy thought. I've been out of school for 9 years now. I left high school in November 2003. High school was NOT my thing. It interfered with my sleep schedule. 

So in Fall of 2012 I will be a freshman at Georgia Perimeter College studying American Sign Language. Whaaaaat? Why ASL? Do you ask? 

  •  I've always wanted to learn Sign Language. I don't personally know anybody who uses it, but I think it would be cool to meet people. 
  •  If i'm going to go do this crazy thing called school then I want it to be something I enjoy. :) 
  •  Students get discounts lots of places. And you know me, I love a good discount! 
  • Book bags are so cute now a days. When I went to school everyone was afraid of a school shooting, so every book bag I carried from 5th grade on was clear or mesh. Not cute. Just sayin. 
  • If I go to school then I can get an amazeballs job and my husband can quit his not so amazeballs job as furnature manager of a retail store and go back to school hisself. And by the time were both done my 10 month old will be in school which leads to..... 
  • My son will never have to go to DAYCARE. And that has been my personal mission since Day 1. Daycare's freak me out... but that is another post for another day.

ANYWAY! So today I found out something I never knew before! My best friend has a blog! And it's sooo cute!!! If she'd update it ;) So go check out Foodie Mommy 

 Best Friend and I at a concert. 
Best Friend and I on my wedding day.

And today I'll leave you with one last photo. 
FAR eating Grits this morning. 



kpsmommy said...

HILARIOUS! And Grits are KP's Fave food too. GITTTSSSSSS, as he calls em'. It's a southern thang ;)

kpsmommy said...

p.s. You'll never now how proud I am of you :) For everything! You're one awesome bestie, momma and wife.