Friday, September 14, 2012

The Coffeehouse

Okay so about a month ago I was talking to RB about my blog and vacation. I had decided to do some guest posts but I wasn't sure who to ask. RB asked me if I could have anybody guest post on my blog who would it be? And I instantly thought of this sweet Lady.  Tiff reached out to me when I was a very new blogger, I think she's my #3 follower. I secretly tell people she's my BFF that lives in far far away. Does that make me creepy? Ooops. Anyway,  I adore her. And her blog. and Sherm. Who's Sherm? Read below to find out :) 

Hi there. I’m Tiff, husband is Dan and lab is Sherman. I blog over at The Coffeehouse, a blog that has absolutely nothing to do with coffee. Instead, it has everything to do with my life. And speaking of my life ... I have a confession. Actually, I have about sixteen confessions, however; you only get to hear about one of them today (baby steps people).

Confession: My life is really not that exciting.
Oh except for that one time when I jumped out of a plane.
And except for those 14 times that I dove under water.

But putting skydiving and scuba diving aside ... I can promise you that my life is really not that exciting. Come to think of it, husband should probably be writing this little guest post here. It’s true. Husband cooks, builds things, fixes things, learns things (he learns!). And did I mention he cooks? I have posted numerous times over on our little blog of randomness about all of husband’s great attributes. He can pretty much do it all. Which is why he should be blogging instead of me. But, husband’s not here. He’s off doing something wonderfully amazing and extremely difficult like cooking. So, I am here today to talk about us. And our marriage. And how we keep our marriage real. Let’s start off with a few pictures so that I have time to make some stuff up real quick. Mmmmk?
Husband and I met in college eight years ago.
And I'm saying Whoa because it's been eight years.
Not because of my hair. Or my dress.
After we met, we dated (that's pretty normal) for six years (that's not that normal) and then finally decided to seal the deal in Mexico (we’re 80% sure we’re married), then back home for a big winter reception. I wish you all could have been there. I can just imagine the gift table now. Moving right along ...
After marriage, we decided to take the next step and try for a lab. A lab people! Not a baby. Sherman is now almost two years old and 102 lbs. He has nicknames such as Shermie, Sherm, The eight dollar dog, Sherman the Scavenger and The Cookie Monster. He is my favorite.

Awesome. I thought of a few things while we were reminiscing.
Now I don’t have to lie. Hallelujah.

I truly believe that the reason Dan and I are still friends to this day is because we laugh. Nope, it’s not rocket science, but it works. Husband makes me laugh every single day. We laugh at the good things and we laugh at the bad things. We enjoy one another’s company and laugh at ourselves and at each other (it’s healthy, trust me).

Other things we do …
  • Husband cooks, I clean (this is a compromise and it works for us).
  • We take turns caring for our child. Yes, Sherman is just a dog. But he is also a lot of work. And the 5am and 5pm walks every single day get old. And the constant tennis ball throwing starts hurting your arm. And the monthly, if not weekly, trips to the vet (hence the name ‘eight dollar dog’) start wearing on your attendance at work. So, we take turns. And this saves our legs, our arms, our jobs and our marriage.
  • We hang out with family. This is a big one and the one I will be ending on. I married into a gigantic, crazy, lovable family. I already had a pretty awesome family to begin with, so this just made it all the better. We get together with family quite often. We get to be around other amazing marriages. We get to be around people who care about us and care whether or not our marriage lasts. Family. Love them.

Well, there you have it.
Our little marriage + a little Sherman.
It’s not much, but it sure works for us.

Hope to see you over in our neck of the woods. Or, if you don't like the woods, you can follow along on facebooktwitter, or Instagram.


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Cassandra said...

LOVE Tiff and her blog and scavenger Sherman! I agree, laughter is key! Didn't mean to rhyme but I did! Happy Friday to you and Tiff!