Monday, September 3, 2012

Friday Night Football

This weekend was officially the start of fall for me. And when I say fall I mean Friday Night Football games. Don't you just love going to the stadium and sitting under those lights to watch football half time? I am so excited that this year I finally have a reason to go back to the football stadium on Friday night. My nephew Jordan is in the Marching Band this year and i'm so excited to go watch him! 
So I got home after the football game Friday night and jumped on the computer and this is what I saw... 
My sweet husband bought me ad space on Living in Yellow for the month of September!!!!! 
I was so shocked! Randell emailed Erin and set it all up and I had no idea! Do you even know how excited I am? Erin is the ultimate blogger celebrity.  In my eyes anyway. I found her blog through Giuliana Rancic's twitter. True story. Anyway, I love Erin and her blog and i'm beyond excited to be on her sidbar for September! 

So I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend like I did. And I hope everyone has a wonderful husband like I do... and while were hoping I hope everyone goes to enter Tales of Beauty for Ashes  Labor Day giveway. To win Ad space on my blog, enter here

oh... and 6 more days till im at the beach! Not that i'm bragging about being in the sun and sand for 7 funfilled days or anything...  Lucky for you, I have some of my favorite bloggers lined up for guest posts :) 

Happy Labor Day! 

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Brit @ Confessions of a PinAholic said... I get the arrows!! LOL.

Also, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.