Thursday, September 13, 2012

Foodie Mommy

Hey Y’all! I am Michelle from Foodie Mommy. I am a mommy to 3 crazy children who make my world go around and also give me a thousand tiny gray hairs you can’t see because I have an awesome hair dresser. They  15,12 & 3 ½. A Wife to one of the most amazing men in the world , a runner, a food fanatic.( Ya’ girl likes to eat J ) and follower of Christ ! Our life is like a crazy three ring circus , but it’s OUR circus and I wouldn’t change a thing. Drop by and check me out sometime… I try and post regularly but it doesn’t always make it to publish. 

  So I am going to tell you about my Best friend, Amanda, Mrs. Tales from Far herself,  while she is out on the beach soaking up some sun for me on her awesome vacation... while I'm stuck in this office... BOOOO ;) 

   I have known Amanda for about 6 years now. I met her through her brother Andy & her Momma because we went to church together. We immediately hit it off because we both love to talk! Bless your heart if you are trying to get somewhere because you aren’t gonna make it if we are having a conversation. ;)  Anyway.. Amanda is amazing because when I was 8 months pregnant the girl came to lay hardwood floors in my house that we were remolding, along with her awesome sister in law. We weren’t even super close and she came to work on my house! How awesome is that? 

  Well in March of 09’, I went through a very very hard time in my life. My son’s father and I got divorced. My baby was only 2 months old and I felt very alone and very friendless. Amanda picked me up and dusted me off. She occupied my time when my son visited his father so I wouldn’t have to be alone, she wiped my tears away, she cheered me on, got mad with me and For me and was one of my biggest rocks. For that I love her more than she will ever know. If that doesn’t show God’s love I don’t know what does.

 We have gone through so many awesome times together since then. I got to watch her fall in love with an awesome man! I got to help her plan her wedding and watch her walk down the aisle. She got to watch me fall in love and make wedding plans, even though I swore to her I would NEVER again get married. My heart melted the day I got the phone call about MR. FAR and was so excited the day he came to meet us! 

  All in all it seems like wayyy more than 6 years have passed and I am so thankful that God made her a part of my life. She the bestiest bestie around. If you have a best friend, call em’ and tell em’ you love them. Now! :)  Oh and continue to read Tales from Far and sometimes Foodie Mommy.. because you know… they don’t always get published….

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