Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blogger Problems

I know I know it's Thursday. and these are the first words you've heard from me all week. Have you missed me?!! I just wanted to pop in and say that were still here and going... kinda. My classes are really kicking my tail booty this semester. But there are a few things I want you to know... 

Have you had the chance to click on the Team Tori button on my sidebar? Well let me tell you, Tori is the sweetest little girl who is currently undergoing Chemo. She is 6 years old and has neurofibromatosis. (it causes tumors to grow on the nerves of her little body) Her momma Michelle is a strong amazing woman, and she's giving away a Cat in the Hat Crayon Tote. So go check it out and enter here

To Girls and a Pin went live yesterday!! This is a fun link up where you link up any of your DIY posts and you will be entered to win a prize. You can enter all month long so go do that here

Ok that's all i've got for you... oh wait I just lied. How about some cuteness? You're Welcome. 

I promise FAR does more than sleep... he's just had a horrible cold this past week and were just getting over it. 

and what have I been doing this week? Funny you should ask...  


Marie said...

she(tori) seems like an amazing little girl with alot of hope and happiness! thank you for taking the time to make people aware of her condition and how we can help. bless your heart. you are an amazing woman for doing that.

your children are adorable! :) i love those pictures that you catch when they are sleeping! those are usually the cutest ones!

good luck with school! <- come check me out!

Cassandra said...

Its only Wednesday right?!? Haha Michelle and Tori sound like strong amazing girls. Thanks for the cuteness!