Monday, August 13, 2012


This weekend I didn't have a bloggy party (Thx Brit- jk jk), and I didn't plan any future posts. I also didn't even sit down at my computer except to pay bills!

What I did do was...

- Had lunch with one of my BFF's

- Started planning our family vacation that is in less than a month

- Cuddled with Fletcher and tickled his toes Saturday morning 

- Spent almost $600 in textbooks (including a $150 calculator! AHH!)

- Cleaned up Fletch's vomit because he gagged himself with a Poweraide top

- Ate Pacho's twice (and both times it was free for me!)

- Watched This Means War with my family (It was so so)

- Went to RB's Aunt & Uncle 's 50th Birthday Party 

- Wore this dress: 
(Its not a great picture I know... be thankful I cropped my face out.) 

I lived the life I love to blog about! and it felt wonderful!! I was a mom. a wife. a best friend. I wasn't a blogger. and it was a nice break.... but now it's Monday. And i'm ready to jump back into my tweeting, my facebooking, and most importantly, my blogging. :) 

So thanks weekend, you're the best. I hope you treated my readers as awesome as you treated me :) 

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Cassandra said...

Sounds like a great weekend.sometimes I just need to remove myself from the computer too! Love the dress :)