Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear RB: I love your passion. What I mean is I love how when you get something in your mind, and you stick with it and you always accomplish what you want. One of the many features I love about you! Enjoy your boys night with my brother :) Dear Andy: Please take care of my hubby tomorrow night, and stay outta jail trouble (I kid... my brother is a youth pastor) Dear FAR: Are you so excited for mommy Fletch night tonight? You, Me, and Mickey Mouse!!! Dear Michelle: I get to see your face tomorrow! I'm so excited!!! And by the way, if you don't blog soon i'm gonna punch you in the kidney. I kid, I know you've been uber busy! Dear Blog: I know i've been neglecting you and i'm so so sorry. This week has been crazy and I start school on Monday - so there might be a little bit more neglect in your near future but it'll be ok, I promise.



Cassandra said...

Haha I hope he stays out of jail too! Yay to Mommy and Fletch night! Have fun.

Carly said...

aw, I've been slacking on my blog too....tis the season!

I miss summer already!

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