Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Fletcher!!!

Week of Fletch: Day 5
Dear Fletcher, 

Happy First Birthday! I cannot believe you are ONE! It feels like yesterday you were doing this
then I blinked and now your doing this!

Mommy is so proud of you! You now have 10 teeth (including 2 molars) and you are 100% on cow milk. You can say 'NO' by shaking your head especially if you don't want to try a new food. Speaking of food, your favorites right now are still Cheeseburgers. But you also love sandwiches (just like mommy!), mashed potatoes, and animal crackers! 2 nights ago you finally figured out you could fed yourself dinner and shoveled in lots of Mashed Potatoes and broccoli. We still have to give you a bottle to go to sleep, but that's okay. 

Daddy is still your favorite person in the world and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse still makes you stop whatever your doing. You've added to your vocabulary and not just saying Mommy and Dadddy but now you can say Bye, Nanny, & Stacy. And you love babbling on the phone to everyone and giving kisses before you hang up on them.

Today for your big day your cousin Mandy is giving you your first haircut! We are also having cupcakes at home and this evening after it cools off your cousin Kim will be taking your first birthday photos!! Sunday is your big celebration, Your having a Mickey Mouse Swim Party with all 45 of our family and closest friends! 

You have grown up so much and this past year has been amazing, We cannot wait for the next!! 

love you forever,



Valerie said...

Oh, what a sweet little man. Happy birthday Fletcher!!!! I hope y'all have a wonderful day celebrating your sweet little boy.

Bex said...

Happy birthday Fletcher! So adorable!xo

Stacy said...

Love me some Fletcher!! Happy birthday to the sweetest, loving ONE year old in the world... Thank God for this healthy, sweet little guy!! His hair cut is ADORABLE!!

Lil Lambz said...

I just followed you today in all capacities, since I love your blog. Your little boy is darling. Can't wait for more! Check out mine when you get a chance @

MoMo said...

I loved being a part of Fletcher's day!! He is so precious~and you know how much I love him!!

Chris said...

he is too cute! time flies by so fast... enjoy every second and a happy birthday to that sweet boy!