Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Fletch: Today we have to do something yucky and mommy is so so sorry. Today is your 1 year old check up.  and that means S-H-O-T-S :(
Dear RB: Happy 2nd Father's Day!! You will always have one up on me since FAR was born between Mother's and Father's day. You are such an amazing dad and I love you almost as much as Fletch does ;) 
Dear Michelle & Stacy: Yay for planning out a week of FUN! So excited -PS- Michelle you haven't blogged in a week. Get on it;) PPS- Stacy: Start blogging NOW!
 Dear Dr. Miller: Don't fuss at my too badly because Fletch is not off the bottle yet. It's only been a week since he turned 1 and he really loves it! 
Dear Cheryl: Thanks for capturing this photo of Fletcher eating cake. It's my favorite, seriously. 
Dear Fletch's Molars: Quit causing the runny nose and fever please. I'd like my non snotty baby back. 


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Jackie said...

found you at the Friday's Letters link-up :)