Monday, June 4, 2012

Fletcher's Birth Story

Week of Fletcher: Day 1...
June 7, 2012 was a hot sticky day. RB had to work and I couldn't fit behind a steering wheel anymore so my mom took the morning off to take me to the Dr. I had a scheduled ultrasound to see how big FAR was measuring, because of the fact that ya know, I couldn't fit behind the steering wheel. My sister Debbie met us at the Dr. so she could see the ultrasound, and we could figure out what we were going to do because I still had a week until my due date. When we get back into the room and they start my ultrasound and the ultrasound starts to giggle. She then tells us that she's not laughing at my sweet baby, shes laughing at his FAT ROLLS! He had tons of them! She measured him to be 9lbs 13oz.
Fletcher Andrew @ 39 weeks 
As were waiting for the midwife to come in My sister, mom, and I are talking about how I must be dilated to at least a 3 or 4 by now and was hoping that they would put me in the hospital to get the ball rolling!  (Before this I wasn't dilated at all) So Stephanie, my midwife comes in and the conversation goes a little something like this: 

Stephanie: 9lbs 13oz... Amanda what are we going to do with this baby?? 
Me: I've been asking you if Fletcher could come out and play for weeks!! 
Stephanie: Fletcher is being evicted!!

So then she checks me and I am still. not. dilated. Do you even know how hard those words were to hear? I began to cry. I was so pregnant and miserable and just wanted to hold my sweet boy. She then goes to talk to the Dr. on call for that day, telling him she is thinking I will need a c-section. He doesn't listen to her and tells her to put me in the hospital tonight and we will start inducing. She doesn't believe this is the right choice for me, so she tells me to go home and she is going to call my dr, who was on vacation that week (his wife had a baby the day after I did!) and call me to tell me our plan of action. She calls me before I get out of the parking lot and tells me to be at the hospital at 10am the next day and not to eat or drink, I was having a c-section. I immediately call RB and he comes home and we are soo stinkin excited! So I eat my final pregnant meal of a Big Mac and I try to rest before I have to go the hospital. My plan was to sleep until 8. I was up at 3am! After brushing my teeth 8 times (literally) so I could get my mouth wet because I was not aloud to drink, off we went to the hospital. After being prepped and waiting for what felt like forever I was ushered into the operating room

Waiting... Waiting... 
With sweet Amy going to the operating room
alone. I kept asking for RB and they told me they would let him back when they were ready. The sweet sweet anesthesiologist noticed I had began to cry and she asked me if I was scared and I said yes ma'am. She was so kind to me! Finally I saw a familiar set of eyes pop up behind the curtain and say hello to me. Stephanie was there! I didn't realize she would be there with me and of course I started crying yet again! Finally after they got everything ready and my amazing doctor got there I got to hear my sweet boy cry for the first time. 
 Fletcher Andrew Rodewig 06/08/12 @ 1:10pm
They took him into another room to get checked out and do his footprints while they finished putting me back together (RB went with the baby). While we were still in the operating room the phone rang and it was the LDR nurse telling us Fletcher's weight.
10lbs 2oz 
I couldn't believe it! Finally I was finished and my boys were waiting for me when I got into recovery where I got to hold my baby love for the first time. 

Love at first sight
 First Family Photo
Skin to Skin with my little guy 

Thanks for letting me share about the best day of my life... tomorrow will be about the worst. 

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