Monday, June 11, 2012

1st Birthday Weekend.. In Photos

I was absent from the blogger world. Don't get me wrong: I still checked on y'all every now and again but I only sat down at my computer to dump photos! So here's Fletcher's Birthday weekend in Photo's. Because if I took the time to blog about everything, you'd be here for 3 hours. So here ya go :) 
 Fletcher's Birthday Outfit
 First Haircut! 
 First Sucker... So he'd sit still for First Haircut :) 

 New toy from Grannanny! 

 Tried to touch the flame and we stopped him. It scared him 
 New pool from Granny! 
 Mommy & her Birthday Boy 
 Daddy & his Birthday Boy
 Singing at Pacho's! If you can see.. Fletcher has a happy meal :) 
 Sweet Baby Boy! 
 More cupcakes @ Aunt Stacys! 
 Fletcher's AMAZING Cake! 
 Pool Fun! 
 My bestie and her baby guy 
 "Mommy... can I eat it?"
 My family :) 
 My favorite photo of the day! 
 Evie driving Fletch around in his new truck! 
Fletch with his Uncle James and Aunt Cheryl.
We don't see them much but they love him like crazy!

We had a very exciting weekend and we were yet again reminded how blessed we are and how loved our baby guy is. We are THANKFUL! 


Michelle said...

Soooooo sweet :)

Chris said...

What a great birthday! He's so cute!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

fletcher! a real live haircut, pool time AND an amazing cake. seriously. I want your life. all one year of it.
he could not be any cuter if he tried.

Kait and Michele said...

Love the name Fletcher -- so unique!! New followers! Check us out -- we'd love more mommy followers! :)

Kait and Michele
High Heels and Hot Deals

littlemissalizzi said...

What a cutie you have!! Looks like he had a blast. All except the flame lol