Sunday, June 3, 2012

Super Mega Fabulous Yard Sale!

Okay Okay I know. You've missed me. I haven't sat down at my computer since Thursday night. I had the Super fabulous mega yard sale at my house this weekend and let me tell you. I am exhausted. I never knew doing a super fabulous mega yard sale was so exhausting!!! BUT we all did really well. And all of the leftover stuff was donated to my brother and sister in law's church for their youth yard sale this fall so I didn't have to put all of the stuff I cleaned out that didn't sell away. WIN WIN if you ask me! 

 FAR with his Aunt Stacy
 Baby Judah
 Ara camped out watching cartoons
 Me with my FAR & Evie
 Yard Sale! 
KP and his mommy came to visit Saturday!! 
My sister in law got some awesome pics, I'm going to have to steal them from her. All in all I am a happy lady because the profit made from the yard sale will purchase/have punched the following:

Donation to local Pregnancy Crisis Center
Fletch's Birthday Cake
Fletch's gift
Fletch's one year old pics
RB's Father's Day present
Needless to say, I'm pleased. AND after it was all packed up and put away yesterday Stacy and I had some girl time and went and got a mani pedi! It was amazing. 
^^cell phone pics

Starting tomorrow, in honor of Fletch's 1st Birthday in *5 days* (tears!) I'm going to do the week of Fletch on my blog. Since I wasn't blogging a majority of the first year of his life, I'm going to share his birth story, and lots of other fun posts! I'm excited :) 

Happy Lord's Day! 


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you had me at "week of Fletch".

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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

is it bad that I just showed everyone your email address?