Thursday, May 31, 2012

Current Crush Thursday.. the Doghouse

Okay so I was totally set to do my Current Crush Thursday on Dryer sheets and how they are amazing for keeping mosquitoes away (I know i'm lame....) but after the latest events of the night things have changed... I'll start at the beginning. 

ALL day long i've been setting up and tagging and getting ready for the MEGA yard sale i'm having at my house and we got everything put out on tables and everything is ready to go! So after dinner and bath time for FAR my hubby and I got a mini date tonight to Walmart to grocery shop! So excited!! After we got out of Walmart it was windy and lightening and sprinkling. And we thought of all the yard stuff sitting outside ready to go. 


After we get everything on the covered car port with the help of mom#2 (MIL) and Nanny who were watching Fletch, we sit inside and i sit down to write my blog post and mom#2 bring my ipad into the kitchen. FROM THE FRONT PORCH. SOAKING WET. 


Sooo needless to say, I am in the doghouse. Which is why I am not blogging about dryer sheets and how they are amazing. I am about to go cuddle up with the husband and try not to get yelled at too bad... 

pray for me.


PS- NO PICTURES I know. I'm lame. Have you ever been so exhausted you can't see strait and you don't have any energy to do anything? Yup, that's me. In fact the only reason i'm blogging is because sitting is involved. PPS- the iPad survived!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!  

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Allena Mistral said...

Oh no! Glad to hear your iPad made it out alive. Just think, "it's Friday and today will be a better day!" :)


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I love that fail was just not enough for you. you had to go and do an epic fail too. and iPad, really? you little stinker. I don't even have an iPhone ... you should see my crappy phone that is almost dead. oh but dan has an iPad. He just never lets me use it.