Monday, October 8, 2012

16 Months

Dear FAR,

16 months old!? Seriously? You are growing up way too fast! This weekend Mommy and Daddy took you to a fall festival and you were swinging like a big boy! 

Although swinging wasn't your favorite activity... We stood at the kiddie pool full of balls for almost 30 minutes because you wouldn't get out! 

You have gotten so sassy lately! Your favorite thing to do is play xbox with daddy before you go to bed. You've gotten into hitting and throwing and we are trying our best to break you of this habbit. 

Food is your BFF lately, you have been eating everything you can get your hands on. But your favorite food hands down are corn dogs. Mommy found one of her favorite cartoons on Netflix called Bobby's World and you LOVE IT! We fell asleep watching it together Saturday and you were so sweet when you rolled over and put your arm around my neck and fell asleep. 

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This past weekend, we did lots of work in the yard and you loved it! You love any and every excuse to get dirty and your new favorite hobby is climbing up the dirt by the tree. You were such a big helper!! 

FAR, stay little okay? And you know when you put those sweet arms around my neck and squeeze? Please do that forever. 

Love you always, 


Cassandra said...

Aw such a sweet note to your son. The plastic balls were one of my favorite things too!

Sarah Kate {Dixie Creek Farm} said...

Isn't he handsome!!! Love those pretty eyes!!

I'm a big fan of corn dogs and Bobby's World. Me and FAR could be best buddies! :o)