Thursday, October 11, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Mountain Weekend: After 3 months of planning, anticipating, and being overly excited you are finally here. Yay!! Dear RB: I can't wait for some rest, relaxation, and not having to chase a toddler for 48 whole hours! Dear FAR: Mommy and Daddy will miss you, but I know you will have fun with your Aunt KK and Uncle G. Dear Bestie: So excited we finally get to hang out and have bestie time. It's been far far too long... Dear GPC: If you are going to hire online instructors to instruct us, make sure they know how to do their jobs. We meet the deadlines or we get penalized... they don't meet their deadlines to us and it ticks me off!! 

Linking up as always with the lovely Ashley :)


Manda said...

From one Amanda to the next- Hey from Friday's Letters!! :)

I'm not a Mama, but I'm a Nanny to two toddlers- I feel ya! Breaks are nice sometimes :)
Eat Cake said...

Newest follower, cute blog I can't wait to read more.