Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I know lately I have not had a lot of words. Honestly, all of my thoughts and words have been going toward school. This is midterm week. and they are stressing me out. But on the bright side, I passed my 1/2 semester class (Research) with an A! My first college A and I couldn't be more proud! 

So today, while i'm studying and taking test after test, i'll let the photos speak for me, yet again :) 

One last thing, Have you checked out Family Darr yet? I recently found this awesome blog! Sarah is a talented lady with many talents, she is a blog designer who does Freebie Fridays where she gives away some of her awesome designs! She is also an amazing coupon-er. Check out her recent savings and while your there say hello and make a new friend :) :) 

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Brandi Cooper said...

My midterms were this past week and I have one more coming up tomorrow. I know they can totally kidnap you and hold you hostage from everything else. Good luck on yours!