Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home

If you follow on Instagram or Twitter, you know i've had a very interesting 4 days... 

Okay so last week I thought I had a nasty pimple. Lovely right? Anway, after realizing it wasn't a nasty pimple I went to CVS to ask the pharmacy what I could put on it, thinking it was a cyst. She agreed with me and sent me on a hunt for Black Salve. That stuff is disgusting. IT smells like motor oil and it is BLACK. So i'm putting this stuff on my face and it's supposed to.. ya know, get the nasty out. After trying for 40 minutes (while watching Private Practice *RIP Pete*) it wasn't working. So I went to the ER on Wednesday and got it lanced and drained. Everything was looking better and they put me on an antibotic and pain meds and told me to come back in 48 hours for a wound check. They said it would take no time, I'd be in and out and on my way.  Which was great, because Saturday I was throwing the Amy a baby shower! 

So Thursday I was sick in bed ALL day. And I couldn't keep anything down. I was miserable. Thanks antibiotic. But I still took it. And followed all the instructions they gave me. So Friday I was feeling better, thinking my face was getting better and I went shopping with Stacy for the baby shower. We dropped everything off at her house where RB was hanging with her hubby and I gave FAR to him to run to get my face checked, run to get pizza, and we were going to make cupcakes with Michelle

So I got to the hospital and wait to go to triage. The nurse then looks at my face and sends me to another nurse. Then that nurse puts me in  minor care to see the Dr. over there for another look. No big deal, I'd be in and out, maybe an hour. Well not even 5 minutes after I was sent over the nurse came and got me and put me in the ER. 

Before I could even get comfortable the ER doc was in there saying the tests they ran Wednesday came back as positive for Staph and she was calling a surgeon to see how to proceed because it was on my face. On the outside I keep my cool.. but the inside i'm a mess. 

So I call RB and Stace brings him to the hospital because I had our car and his truck was at home, and I text my mom. They both arrive to find out that I had to have iv antibiotics and they were reopening my face.  So after an allerigic reaction to the antibotics, and when they realized that the Staph was spreading down my face, I got a one way ticket to room 330. 

how I spend the last 4 days. 

Everyday they reopened my face to repack it and it hurt worse than anything. After the first day I got to come unplugged and only get meds every 6 hours. 

I blew 3 veins 
I was stuck more times than I can remember 
The meds made me so sick to my stomach. 
and the worst of all... 


My stay was supposed to be 24 hours. 24 turned into 48. 48 turned into 72.  I was away from my little guy from Friday until Monday. Everytime my Dr. said one more day I cried. I have never dreaded those words more than I did. My brother and sister in law did bring FAR up to the hospital Sunday and I got to go to the lobby and see him. He wanted nothing to do with his mommy and her big owie on her face. After I came up to my room, I sobbed. 

Thanks to my amazing family and friends, my sweet guy was taken care of. and I am so thankful. 

So now i'm back, and I'm catching up on blogging, schoolwork, laundry, cleaning, and wife duities. but the first thing I did when I got home was snuggle with my sweet baby and take a nap. 

Priorities people... :)  

By the way: I caught up on a lot of blog reading while I was laid up. and I wanted to let everyone know about Abbey! Abbey has been sick like I have this weekend so go show her some love.  Abbey blogs at The Makings of a Mess and I am in love with her blog design. I want to steal it ;) So go say hi to this sweet<3 and tell her I sent you :) 


Montana said...

OH NO!!! I sure hope you are back to feeling better dear! That sounds so awful! Prayers all around!

Cassandra said...

Oh wow! So glad all is well now! Priorities is RIGHT hug that boy LOL!

Amber M. said...

Oh my gosh! You poor thing! That sounds awful! :(
i'm glad you're home now!

Brin Hopeman said...

I have never heard of ANYTHING like that! Yikes. And cutting open my face would NOT be okay. Brave woman!

Abbey said...

Aww, you are too sweet!! :) Thanks for the shout out, lady. I got my blog design from http://www.etsy.com/shop/thecraftybees. Her blog is not up for some reason, but there's her etsy shop of blog designs!! I'm so sorry that you were in the hospital, but am so glad to hear you are back! Let me know if you need anything. :)

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I saw all this stuff on IG and was praying for you!! I wasn't sure if I was supposed to "like" pictures of you sick in the hospital :( so I just prayed instead of liking. :) I just got teary-eyed thinking about you being away from Fletch. You and I were away from our boys way too long!

mare ball said...

Oh my word, what a horrible ordeal! I've never heard of such a thing. So glad you are on the mend. I'm sure it was difficult to be away from your little guy. Thank God for doctors!