Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bold Butter Baby

First off I am SO excited to be over here at Tales From A Far today! I have been doing this whole blogging thing for just over a month and I can't believe the whirlwind it has taken me on. One of the first bloggers I connected with was Amanda. She has been one of the most encouraging and positive bloggers I have met and I know that if we lived in the same town we would probably be BFF's. Okay, maybe not BFF's cause I know that she already has a great group of them but I would at least be her bloggy friend!

I thought since we are talking about BFF's I would show you all and Amanda how to become MY BFF.

1. Learn to Love Yoga Pants. Many things we will be doing involve them and I would hate to see you get Cheetle (Word for the residue you get from eating Cheetos - No joke Marc Summers from Food Network confirmed this!) all over a nice pair of jeans or white shorts.

2. Never Wear Shorts. Actually make sure that I never wear them. I know I mentioned them earlier but I was just being nice. I personally do not like shorts for the simple fact that I do not like shorts. I don't want to be held responsible for many people becoming ill when they see me in shorts. I will only wear yoga pants or pants that are long enough for me to not look like I waiting for a flood.


3. Tell Me That My Breath Stinks. Stinky breathe is unfortunate and I really try not to have it but sometimes when you decide to stuff your face with a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos before you go to meet someone for dinner tell that said person that their breathe smells is appreciated. At least in my book. If there also happens to be something in my teeth you BETTER tell me that for sure.

4. Commemorate Every Holiday with Reese's. This one is no joke. Every opportunity that Reese's Cups decides to disguises itself as a holiday themed shape get me one. It's a proven fact that Reese's Eggs, Pumpkins and Trees and infinitely better than regular ones. If I could only have these and Dr. Pepper and Cool Ranch Doritos for the rest of my life I would be okay.


5. Send me Funny Picture Messages. While I do love a good Twitter Party or a regular old text message. Picture messages with either a great caption or words on the picture will seriously make my day.


So now that you know how to do all these things I'll be promptly waiting for my Reese's from you all!

I didn't mention this earlier but today happens to be my Birthday! Yahoo! Even though it's my birthday I thought I would team up with Maybook and let you enter to win an AMAZING customizable planner from them as a gift. 

Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity Amanda! You rockkkkkkkkkkkkk!

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KrystennMarie said...

Hi there!
I nominated you for the Leibster Blog Award an award for up-and-coming bloggers with under 200 followers: check it out on my blog here: http://krystennmarie.blogspot.com/2012/10/leibster-blog-award.html