Wednesday, October 24, 2012

25 in my 25th! (+GIVEAWAY!)

Hello there Tales From A Far readers!

My name is Cassandra and I blog over at 25 in my 25th , and I am 25 if you couldn't guess ;)

 I REALLY like wine. Like  I REALLY like it. I could end there, but I'll continue...

I share a home with my boyfriend of three years, Derek and our two children Logan and Sophie, WAIT... No... they are not my children... No...they are cats... too often I need to remind myself of this. 

My blog is pretty much a BIG to-do list with my own thoughts and random experiences mixed in. Basically I am on a quest to complete 25 goals in my 25th year of life and it has been very exciting thus far. I started this expedition on my last birthday, December 16th of 2011 and as of now I have....
-SKIED (which was really scarey). 
-Taken a pole dancing fitness class (and found out that I am a horrible pole dancer). 
-Watched many good films (I'm now in LOVE with old movies).
-Visited the Grand Canyon .
-Attempted to knit (Me and yarn have an ongoing battle with each other. It doesn't like me and I can't get it to cooperate). 
-Completed a crossword puzzle (So what if it was a puzzle from a children's activities book?).
and had an amazing time doing it all.

 BUT I've still got a lot more tasks to cross off my list, such as ....

-Conquer a fear (snakes... spiders... karaoke? Which shall I pick?). 
-Get a passport and use it (A big 'thank you' to the nation of Canada for being three hours North of me and within my budget. Canada here I come!)
-knit something that resembles what it is supposed to be (See above description of yarn and I's relationship).
-Learn to walk in high heels (almost as equally terrifying as trying to ski). 
-Attend the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade (hotel rooms are booked!).
and a few other  things. I still consider myself new to the blogging world, but already am in love with it. Meeting friends like Amanda here, who are living their own special journeys and being able to go along for the ride while sharing my own, has been a great experience and it has only just begun!
Thanks for reading and I hope to see you over at 25 in my 25th!

Isn't she sweet!?! And she is sweet enough to be giving away a $10 Starbucks Giftcard to one of my lucky readers! Because I love you, and i'm feeling generous i'm also throwing in some AD SPACE!! Enter below :) 

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