Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby Jalapeno

So if you have been a long time reader of my blog, you've probally already read this post and this one. But if you haven't, take a moment and go. I'll wait... 

Okay now that you are already all caught up we will go back a few weeks. Amy's husband wanted to deliver their baby boy and Amy asked me if I would be in there to take some photos of her hubby delivering. Of course I said yes! I have never seen a birth before, besides my own and since I had a C I couldn't even see that. So I was so excited!! 

Friday night around 12:30 I had just gotten to sleep and my phone rang. It was Amy's hubby telling me he was leaving work going to get her and take her to the hospital. I was sooo excited. I jumped up, got dressed, laid back down, charged my camera batteries, laid back down, entered some giveaways, laid back down, and waited. Finally I made my coffee and took off for the hospital (I live a lot closer to the hospital then they do) Once I got there it was 2AM and they showed up right behind me. We went inside and they did all the changing and checking and peeing and all that fun stuff and she was dilated to only a 1. So after some sweet talking, and some water drinking the nurse decided she needed to walk for an hour to see if she progressed and if not she had to go home. We walked and walked and when the checked her again she was already at a 2 and so they admitted her. Next time they checked her her water broke. I just knew that baby was coming any minute. 

and he did... 8 hours later :)


Jeremy Alvin Jr.
9lbs 1oz 22''
Born 10/20/12

Watching baby J come into this world was in my top 5 greatest moments ever. It was amazing. And holding that sweet baby guy totally gave me baby fever... y'all just don't tell RB ;) 

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Courtney M said...

Great Photos! Love the knitted camo hat! So cute!!