Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Fun!

Happy Halloween-y bloggy loves :) I know that not all of you out there celebrate Halloween, but any excuse to parade my kiddo around in a cute costume while getting free candy for RB and I FAR is a good time for me. haha. So anyway, I totally forgot that Halloween was tomorrow... :/ I mean, I knew that it was coming, and FAR already had his Simba costume but I completely forgot about the whole pumpkin carving fun. So on RB's way home from running an few errands, I got him to pick up a pumpkin :) 

Did you notice how awesome Perry looks?!? RB freehanded it! 

I love my little family :) 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Its the circle of life....

this past weekend I took FAR to a fall festival hosted by the church my brother is a youth pastor at. We got to make our Halloween 2012 debut... 
FAR is SIMBA this year!!! Tell me that's not the cutest lion you've ever seen!?! (If you do i'll probably call you a liar. just saying ;) 
 Loving on his cousin spiderman Judah
Lets just call her Nala :) 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Bloggy Friends: Watch this video and you may hear my voice toward the end :) 

Dear RB: I love you so much! Thanks for being an amazing husband and letting me take a 30 minute nap after dinner last night while you occupied the crazy kiddo above :) Dear FAR: You've been babbling like crazy these past few days! The babbles are starting to sound like.... WORDS! YAY! Dear Baby J: Your not even a week old and I love you already! :) and you know that whole wetting through every outfit your mommy and daddy put on you... keep up the good work ;) 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

25 in my 25th! (+GIVEAWAY!)

Hello there Tales From A Far readers!

My name is Cassandra and I blog over at 25 in my 25th , and I am 25 if you couldn't guess ;)

 I REALLY like wine. Like  I REALLY like it. I could end there, but I'll continue...

I share a home with my boyfriend of three years, Derek and our two children Logan and Sophie, WAIT... No... they are not my children... No...they are cats... too often I need to remind myself of this. 

My blog is pretty much a BIG to-do list with my own thoughts and random experiences mixed in. Basically I am on a quest to complete 25 goals in my 25th year of life and it has been very exciting thus far. I started this expedition on my last birthday, December 16th of 2011 and as of now I have....
-SKIED (which was really scarey). 
-Taken a pole dancing fitness class (and found out that I am a horrible pole dancer). 
-Watched many good films (I'm now in LOVE with old movies).
-Visited the Grand Canyon .
-Attempted to knit (Me and yarn have an ongoing battle with each other. It doesn't like me and I can't get it to cooperate). 
-Completed a crossword puzzle (So what if it was a puzzle from a children's activities book?).
and had an amazing time doing it all.

 BUT I've still got a lot more tasks to cross off my list, such as ....

-Conquer a fear (snakes... spiders... karaoke? Which shall I pick?). 
-Get a passport and use it (A big 'thank you' to the nation of Canada for being three hours North of me and within my budget. Canada here I come!)
-knit something that resembles what it is supposed to be (See above description of yarn and I's relationship).
-Learn to walk in high heels (almost as equally terrifying as trying to ski). 
-Attend the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade (hotel rooms are booked!).
and a few other  things. I still consider myself new to the blogging world, but already am in love with it. Meeting friends like Amanda here, who are living their own special journeys and being able to go along for the ride while sharing my own, has been a great experience and it has only just begun!
Thanks for reading and I hope to see you over at 25 in my 25th!

Isn't she sweet!?! And she is sweet enough to be giving away a $10 Starbucks Giftcard to one of my lucky readers! Because I love you, and i'm feeling generous i'm also throwing in some AD SPACE!! Enter below :) 

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Do... Be... Mem


Do... Get my topic ready for this stupid annoying   major paper i'm already supposed to be drafting. 

Be... a better christian. I've been struggling lately with temptation (nothing major- just satin trying to win me over) 

Mem... orize this:

Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby Jalapeno

So if you have been a long time reader of my blog, you've probally already read this post and this one. But if you haven't, take a moment and go. I'll wait... 

Okay now that you are already all caught up we will go back a few weeks. Amy's husband wanted to deliver their baby boy and Amy asked me if I would be in there to take some photos of her hubby delivering. Of course I said yes! I have never seen a birth before, besides my own and since I had a C I couldn't even see that. So I was so excited!! 

Friday night around 12:30 I had just gotten to sleep and my phone rang. It was Amy's hubby telling me he was leaving work going to get her and take her to the hospital. I was sooo excited. I jumped up, got dressed, laid back down, charged my camera batteries, laid back down, entered some giveaways, laid back down, and waited. Finally I made my coffee and took off for the hospital (I live a lot closer to the hospital then they do) Once I got there it was 2AM and they showed up right behind me. We went inside and they did all the changing and checking and peeing and all that fun stuff and she was dilated to only a 1. So after some sweet talking, and some water drinking the nurse decided she needed to walk for an hour to see if she progressed and if not she had to go home. We walked and walked and when the checked her again she was already at a 2 and so they admitted her. Next time they checked her her water broke. I just knew that baby was coming any minute. 

and he did... 8 hours later :)


Jeremy Alvin Jr.
9lbs 1oz 22''
Born 10/20/12

Watching baby J come into this world was in my top 5 greatest moments ever. It was amazing. And holding that sweet baby guy totally gave me baby fever... y'all just don't tell RB ;) 

Friday, October 19, 2012

In My Opinion

In My Opinion.... 
When Rachel @ lala Lists emailed me and asked me to link up with her, I couldn't refuse! So here are just a few of my opinions. (Please remember that it's exactly that, an opinion. Everyone has one. These just happen to be mine :) 

1)this is the cutest little boy in the entire world

2) new episodes of Grey's Anatomy need to come on everyday. #mcdreamyissomcyummy
3) Algebra is the stupidest subject. You use letters in English, not in math
4) best friends make the world a better place
5) pink is the prettiest color around 
6) people should have to take a written exam before they are aloud to procreate
7) this man hung the moon: 
8) everyone should go to at least one bonfire during the fall season 
9) reese's pumpkins and trees taste better than regular reeces
10) everyone should have a church family they are plugged into
11) naps are a necessity not a luxury
12) chocolate makes the world go round. my world anyway 
13) e-mailing sweet bloggers like Brin and Tiff make me smile
14) bloggers that link up to a link up just to be first are selfish. I hate going to a blog to expect a link up and it not be there
15) politics are personal:  that's why voting takes place in a booth-for-one 
16) everyone who reads this should go enter this giveaway for a new personalized #Maybook 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Its not you... Its me.

You see this mess? 

This is what I will be doing for the next few hours. So while i'm slaving away doing math I've taken the liberty of finding you some great blog posts to read. #iknowirock 

First up meet Brittany, Brittany has the sweetest blog, Second Hand Solace. This week she shared something on her heart and it was truly beautiful. After you're done there head on over to Pamela's Place  and meet Pamela. I met her when she won some ad space on my blog and she has the cutest fur baby named Bently who has a message for you :) Next up go meet Olivia who blogs at Olivia Blogs. Olivia has a special spot in my <3 because she is a Georgia girl like me! She's made some awesome Pinterest goals for October that you should go check out and maybe get an idea or two for yourself :) Last (but certainly not least) is Tiff. This sweet girl was one of the first bloggers to reach out to me, and last month I was honored that she guest posted on my blog while I was on vacation.  Go read about her big night out 

Okay.. so why are you still here? Go check out these amazing ladies! :) 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

FAR's Weekend

On Monday, you got to read about our amazing weekend, but notice that post had nothing to do with our little guy. Don't think he say around and twiddled his thumbs while we were away, he had a blast with Aunt KK and Uncle G :)

Ofcourse he drove everywhere. I mean what 16 month old doesn't? 

He had a blast! Thanks again Aunt KK and Uncle G! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bold Butter Baby

First off I am SO excited to be over here at Tales From A Far today! I have been doing this whole blogging thing for just over a month and I can't believe the whirlwind it has taken me on. One of the first bloggers I connected with was Amanda. She has been one of the most encouraging and positive bloggers I have met and I know that if we lived in the same town we would probably be BFF's. Okay, maybe not BFF's cause I know that she already has a great group of them but I would at least be her bloggy friend!

I thought since we are talking about BFF's I would show you all and Amanda how to become MY BFF.

1. Learn to Love Yoga Pants. Many things we will be doing involve them and I would hate to see you get Cheetle (Word for the residue you get from eating Cheetos - No joke Marc Summers from Food Network confirmed this!) all over a nice pair of jeans or white shorts.

2. Never Wear Shorts. Actually make sure that I never wear them. I know I mentioned them earlier but I was just being nice. I personally do not like shorts for the simple fact that I do not like shorts. I don't want to be held responsible for many people becoming ill when they see me in shorts. I will only wear yoga pants or pants that are long enough for me to not look like I waiting for a flood.


3. Tell Me That My Breath Stinks. Stinky breathe is unfortunate and I really try not to have it but sometimes when you decide to stuff your face with a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos before you go to meet someone for dinner tell that said person that their breathe smells is appreciated. At least in my book. If there also happens to be something in my teeth you BETTER tell me that for sure.

4. Commemorate Every Holiday with Reese's. This one is no joke. Every opportunity that Reese's Cups decides to disguises itself as a holiday themed shape get me one. It's a proven fact that Reese's Eggs, Pumpkins and Trees and infinitely better than regular ones. If I could only have these and Dr. Pepper and Cool Ranch Doritos for the rest of my life I would be okay.


5. Send me Funny Picture Messages. While I do love a good Twitter Party or a regular old text message. Picture messages with either a great caption or words on the picture will seriously make my day.


So now that you know how to do all these things I'll be promptly waiting for my Reese's from you all!

I didn't mention this earlier but today happens to be my Birthday! Yahoo! Even though it's my birthday I thought I would team up with Maybook and let you enter to win an AMAZING customizable planner from them as a gift. 

Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity Amanda! You rockkkkkkkkkkkkk!

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