Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Bump

Meet Amy 

This girl has been in my life for over 10 years. 

She gave my my first kids. Okay they are not really mine but I love them like they are. And I pretty much raised them. I tell her all the time I taught them everything I know... 

And they love my guy like their brother anyway, so I might as well keep them :)

Anyway.... Amy met this guy

And between the two of them they have this

Yup. His 4 + her 2= 6. And long story short they thought they couldn't have any together. And they were sad... We even came up with clever ways to get her preggers. Welll we didn't need to do anything because This happened 

 Baby Puckett @ 14 Weeks

The Bump. Number 7! I am so excited. Baby Green Bean as he/she has been named for the time being, will be here in October. MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!  Since i'm not getting pregnant anytime soon being as i'm too busy loving on my 10 month old, this is second best. 

I get a cuddly baby and I don't have to get more stretch marks! It's a win win ya know.


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