Thursday, May 3, 2012

Running like a Fireman... say what?!

Almighty guys and gals. If y'all know me, you know I. Don't. Run. At all. No way no how. Once upon a while ago I was challenged to work out with a friend who used to work at a gym. Every morning we would start out on the treadmill where he would pump out 4-5 miles in the time I'd walk 1. and THEN we would begin working out. For all of you that are asking, no I don't think he's human. 
Ducky finishing a 5k a few months back. 

Well lately my circle of close friends are all into running. Even my husband.  In my head I don't understand it at all, but to each 
their own! I'll tell you like it is. Big girls don't run. The boobs get in the way unless you strap them down with duct tape and things jiggle that are not supposed to jiggle.. i'm just saying.  But I have to be the follower and do whatever my friend so insert the

That I am registering to run in. Now let me take that back. They have a 5k which my husband will be doing (His First! I am so excited for him!) along with 3 of our closest friends. Then they have a 1 mile Run/Walk which this girl will be doing along with another friend and our kiddos. How much will I actually run? Probably not much. If any at all. But will I feel like I won first place brag to all my friends wearing my spiffy t shirt I get for participating? You better believe it. 

Maybe i'll just steal the trophy and go eat some Mexican. I'm okay with that too. 


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