Thursday, May 17, 2012

iPad love

Okay so in case I've never told you, I am obsessed with my iPad. It goes everywhere I go and I love it because it's bigger than the iPhone and doesn't cost me a monthly data charge from good ole Verizon. Although in October when it's upgrade time (& my 27th *gasp* birthday) I think i'm going to make the swich from my Env to an iphone. But that's another story for another day. So, I thought I would share my TOP 10 favorite iPad Apps... in no particular order. 

  1. The Bible by YouVersion : This is the best Bible app I have found! They have every translation you could imagine available and they also have daily reading plans that you can use that will send you daily reminders to read your bible.
2. Facebook for iPad : Like 99% of America, I am on FB most of the day. As a SAHM I use this to keep in contact with the outside world ;) 

3. Twitter for iPad : My FB is for my friend but my Twitter is for celebrities.. (okay mainly Giuliana Rancic , and Shonda Rhimes )and other bloggers for ideas and to make sure they are not going to kill my McDreamy Thursday night!!!

4. Kobo Books : I was given a Kobo reader by my fabulous Amy so that's why I don't use Amazon, or iBooks. I had already purchased Kobo books on my reader so I just downloaded the app for my iPad. 

5. Ellen's Know or Go : Now this app is one of the few that i've paid for the full version! It is hilarious!! The free version is great too but the paid one give you more options. 
6. The Sims Freeplay : Do I spend mindless hours on this game making all these tiny people go pee, eat, and work? Yes, I do. Does it drive my husband crazy that sometimes he's ready to go to bed and I say "Hang on let me put my sims to sleep!" Yes. And that's all that needs to be said about that. LOL 

7. iPhoto : LOVE this app! I'm not 100% savy with it yet but it does the coolest things to photos. Kinda like instagram but you don't publish them, you just save them. But you can post them on FB or whatever social media site you prefer :)
8. Ebay for iPad : It helps calm my newest obsession which you can read about here

9. Instapad : Instagram for the iPad! How can you go wrong? 

10. Facetime for iPad : I love to facetime with my besties, or my hubby and Fletch loves it too! (Don't read the source article.... it was written before the ipad 2!)

So there are my 10 favorites! Is there something I am missing that would make my iPad 100x better? Let me know :)  



thecoffeehouse said...

so I decided to quit reading when I saw "ipad". I don't have an ipad. I don't have an iphone. you pretty much have everything I want. so yeah, you can call me jealous.

Amanda said...

Bwahahaha. Don't be jealous! You have a dog named Sherman. When FAR takes a nap I'm going to post about 30 days of drinking water. There's no way you can be jealous of that. Blahhh

kpsmommy said...

30 days of drinking water?

Stacy L. said...

Facetime ;) LOL... watch out, i take screenshots!

Chelsea said...

Yay I downloaded the Ellen app (I had pretty much everything else haha) I love Ellen!!