Monday, May 14, 2012

My first Mother's Day weekend

Happy {BELATED} Mother's Day to all the mom's out there!!!  My first Mother's Day was relaxing and low key since we've been sick we postponed all of the festivities until next weekend. So look for a big jazzed up post coming up then ;)
Friday night we did absolutely nothing! We were still feeling kinda blah so we hung out at home. I was doing something in the kitchen and went into my bedroom and this is what I found..
 Fletch in my closet .. by this point half the contents of my closet was on the floor. And where was daddy?? 
Please be kind & ignore the hole in my wall.. my heart headed FAR put his head through it!

Saturday I woke up feeling wonderful! So Fletch and I went and watched my niece play Softball. And when did I realize I forgot my camera? When I pulled in the parking lot. So sadly no pics of softball but FAR had a BLAST! He played in the dirt with his cousins and he loved standing by the fence and watching Gali play ball! When we came home we did laundry and waited for daddy. MoMo (Fletch's grandmother, my mom) came over for Lasagna and we gave her and Nanny (RB's Grandmother) This Mother's Day presents (Open Heart Necklaces from Kays) Well we had one more for Fletch's Granny (Rb's Mom) and Fletch was playing with a box in his pack & play and I took it from him thinking it was her's. It said this... 
and this was inside...

Who was crying like a baby? This guy! I was totally suprised!! (And with me that is hard to do!!)
Then we tried to get  FAR to eat lasagna
 What am I supposed to do with this? 
 I don't like this mom!!
Get me in the bath!

Did he eat a single bite? Nope. Which I am wondering for all the mom's out there: When I was preggo I couldn't get enough spaghetti. And Fletcher will not eat any kind of spaghetti sauce, as I realized last night. Is that normal? Will your kiddo's eat what you craved? 

Mother's Day was church, an amazing nap, and for dinner I got to have blue box! As in Kraft Mac & Cheese! And did I get a picture of me and my guy on Mother's Day? Nope.But I did get one of him :)



thecoffeehouse said...

that necklace is gorgeous! and that is one messy kid. i love it. just not in my house. :) ha.

kpsmommy said...

Hilarious. And you know I craved mexican and KP loves Mexican food so I am not sure if that's true or not. I hated Tomatoes until I was about 19, and my momma craved tomato sandwiches with me , so maybe?