Thursday, May 24, 2012

Current Crush Thursday

Today i'm linking up with Danielle @ Framed Frosting for Current Crush Thursday. And lately my current crush is...

Now if you know me I am NOT a healthy eater. I mean i'm trying to be better but my 4 food groups are Candy, Candy Cains, Candy Corn, & Syrup. (TY Buddy the Elf) But seriously. I loveeee sweets and the best part....

this stuff tastes like FROSTING!! 

Totally not kidding. Also, it has NO fat in it. and only 100 calories! Can you say YUM!?! So go try it and when you love it, come thank me. I'll be waiting.



Devon Riesenberg said...

Thanks for linking up! I haven't tried this flavor but I will now!

Following back :)

Danielle said...

Thanks for linking up yesterday girl! I too love Yoplait yogurt but haven't tried this flavor. Although the Cinnamon Roll is near and dear to my heart!!

Ashley @ embracing the everyday said...

Yum! if it tastes like frosting I'll have to try it. :) I've always loved the Boston Cream Pie flavor... :)