Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's in My Purse?

This post is inspired by Kate @ The Small Things Blog. She's doing an entire series of some of her blogger friends purses. Now I was not officially asked to do this by her, even though were besties.... Okay i'm lying. Kate wouldn't know me if she walked past me. BUT I discovered her blog via Pintrest  and fell in love with it. So I thought I would give it a try. 

It's my pink patent leather Coach  that was a gift to myself and I absolutely love it!! 
The inside. 

  1. Glasses case: I don't drive in my glasses so I use this case to put them in when i'm driving. 
  2. Pouch with Nail tools and tweezers.
  3. Pens: I always cary my pink glitter pen and a blue pen. My favorite kind of pens are the cheep kind. Medium point ALWAYS! 
  4. Hand Sanitizer: from Bath & Body Works
  5. Keys
  6. My Verizon EnV: Love it. Wouldn't trade it for anything. If I ever upgrade it will be the day I finally own an iphone. 
  7. Wallet: Also from Coach. It's the perfect wallet! It holds my checkbook and has a spot for everything! 
  8. Birth Control. 
  9. Pink Sunglasses: (gift from a friend)
  10. Coupons: Now I don't coupon everything like the Extreme show on TLC but there are certain things in life you don't buy without coupons. Like diapers. 
  11. Church Bulletin: Our church is awesome! Check it out here
  12. My iPad:I. am. addicted. to my ipad. There are no other words. 
  13. Brag Book: You can never leave your house without photo's of your baby!!! :)
  14. Clinique pouch: It holds all the necessities. See below:

  1. Aquafina lip gloss: If I want to shine :) 
  2. Burts Bee's chap stick: The best ever!! 
  3. Regular chap stick. it's my backup. 
  4. Covergirl Lip Gloss. This is the closest to lip stick this girl gets. 
  5. Hair tie. I have hair tie's EVERYWHERE. In my car, purse, diaper bag, and usually on my wrist and in my hair. I have a bad habbit of wearing my hair up 90% of the time. 
  6. Bobby pins, and little hair clips to pull my hair out of my face if by chance it's down. Usually I offer this stuff to people so they won't take my hair ties. my absolute necessities: sunglasses, burt's bees chapstick, lip pencils, and iphone. can't. live. without.
my absolute necessities: hair tie, cell phone, ipad, burts bee's chap stick. 
most random thing i carry: Probally my church bullatin. Sometimes a random baby shoe or cup. 
small purse or large: LARGE! But if i'm at a concert, festival, etc I usually just use a clutch and throw it in Fletch's diaper bag. 
change purse with outfit?: Nope. 
wallet matching bag?: Yes! My wallet matches the inside fabric of my bag. 

So I have to ask.... What's in your purse?  leave me a comment and i'll check it out :) 



sophistifunk said...

such a cute purse! i love it!

kpsmommy said...

I Love this! Your bag is so organized. People would never read my blog again if I showed them mine. Please do not ask me to do it LOL :) I <3 You!

thecoffeehouse said...

ok, so i don't know your email address, but i had to say ... your comment ... i am still laughing. but if sherman eats a bunny today, i am blaming you.

Amanda said...

@ Sophistifunk Thanks :)

@ Kpsmommy... your next. haha jk. I've seen the inside of your bag. and I fully agree. ;)

Amanda said...

@thecoffeehouse LOL!!! :)

Barbara Obrien said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

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