Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pool time with the Cousins

Today We headed over to my brother's house to help my lovely sister in law tag her items for the giant yard sale were having this weekend at our house! While we were there Fletch played in the pool with 3 of his cousins (& his daddy)

 Evie, Gali, Ara, Fletch, RB
 Fletch LOVES Splashing! 

 Okay I had to zoom in on Evie. I told her to say Cheese and this is what she did. Notice the stickers on her face she took from the yard sale stickers. And she's in her naked all the time stage, in case you couldn't tell.  

I love my family!!!


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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

oh pool time ... so fun. I need to get the baby pool out for sherm tomorrow. and the smiley faces. ha. ha. and ha.