Sunday, May 6, 2012


I have a new addiction. Well, I guess it's not an addicition if i'm willing to admit it but lately I have been OBSESSED with 

I mean it's really bad!! I'm not going into debit or anything over it, but do you people realize how CHEEP stuff is on there? In the past week the following things have been delivered to my house, or are in route:

Jansport Backpack : Paid 8.00
Video Card : Paid $19.99 
Vera Bradley Purse & Matching Wallet : 20.00 (& It was a retired pattern at I love so that's a plus!)
2 Pairs of Shorts : $2.00 a pair!
My hubby has told me he was going to delete the ebay app off my ipad and block it from my desktop if I don't stop (LOL) 

Tell me.... what is your newest obsession???


UPDATE : Make that 3 pairs of shorts..... ;)


thecoffeehouse said...

haha. you did not just add another pair of shorts. you goof.

Amanda said...

LOL... oh but I did. And now I'm on ebay lockdown according to my husband. The shakes haven't started yet but i'm looking for them to arrive any moment.