Saturday, May 5, 2012

Today was a FAIRY tale

Every year a great organization in our community puts on the coolest fundraiser! Chimney Park, is a park that is for children of all kinds. Its in the woods and this year they were raising funds for paths for kiddo's with wheelchairs so they can enjoy the park too. So Fletch and I met up wtih Amy, Caroline & Lizzy and went to the Fairy Houses.
(FAR was one hot tired baby)

For $3.00 a person you can walk around and look at the houses and make fairy wings, fairy dust, and collect fairy treasure (That's just a few of the things) The girls LOVED it. Fletch on the other hand was hot and tired and grumpy. I cant wait until next year when he will be running around and playing too!! There also was a petting zoo! 

 FAR didn't know what to think! 
 OOOO Chicken! 
 Love this photo! 
FAR wanted to take the chicken's head off! 

Great afternoon! And the best part? RB kept FAR after we got home and I went and got my nails and toes done with my momma!!! AND he cleaned the kitchen. I married a keeper! 

Random shot on our honeymoon. 


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