Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thanks YouTube!!

Okay so a few weeks ago I got an itch for a change. Because I am all about some change. One of my favorite hobbies is organizing and cleaning, I have been that way since I got pregnant with FAR. I decided I wanted duel monitors for my desktop. So I approached the husband and told him my reasoning for wanting duel monitors. It will be so easier for me when I start school in the fall that I can have school work on one monitor and facebook school stuff on the other.  He agreed and began researching in his usual way... YouTube videos. He then decides he can do this himself and we won't need any help at all. 

 Hubby installing video card
 Oh my goodness isn't he HANDSOME!?
So all in all here is the total cost:

Video Card $19.99 EBAY
Extra Monitor FREE (Borrowed from a friend)
Adapters for cords to fit into Video card $5.95 x 2 Walmart
Happy Wife... Priceless! 

So now I will have extra space to be wasting time on facebook extra productive! Thanks Hubby :) 


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Stacy L. said...

Love it!! Good Job my friend!