Saturday, May 26, 2012

Amazeballs Chocolate Milk

So last night my hubby picked up Pizza on the way home... Ultimate Supreme... yummm. Anyway it gave me some yucky <3burn.. :( So last night I asked him to make me some chocolate milk because his chocolate milk is seriously amazing. We always have Hershey's syrup on hand, that started when I was preggo and chocolate milk was only thing that would cure my <3burn. And this is my finished product :) 

Oh my yummy! It was like a chocolate milkshake without the yucky brain freeze. I'm so thankful I married a man who loves my unconditionally..... and can make a mean glass of chocolate milk. 



Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, that does look amazing!! I'm gonna have to try it :)
Modern Modest Beauty

sophistifunk said...

i need a glass of that, pronto! :)

xx brie