Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Ok...

It's Ok... 

That i'm currently freaking because I have 93 followers!! I don't usually focus on this part of blogging but almost 110 people read my blog? That's reason to freak! 

That i'm still in my pajamas. At least I didn't go to the grocery store in them today.  

That i've done nothing today besides dishes, laundry ,and watched Twisted with this guy

That i'm super excited about hosting my first giveaway! Email me if you want in :) 

That i'm excited about cutting grass tomorrow, as long as I don't get rained out. (Cutting grass=mommy time!)

Its Ok Thursdays


Montana said...

come cut my grass! that is my least favorite thing ever! Congrats on all the followers!!

Montana said...
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Anni said...

What a cute post :)) could be me!!

Enjoy cutting the grass!

Smooches from Germany!