Monday, July 30, 2012

Double Coronary Bypass

Friday night we left FAR with his Granny and Grannanny and RB and I went on a REAL DATE. Mommies do you remember those? Yeah it's okay, I didn't either. So we got in the car with an empty car seat and away we went! 
We met up with my bestie and her hubby to go to dinner @ The Vortex! The Vortex is a famous staple in the ATL and they are famous for their Double Coronary Bypass. What is that exactly? 

"Twice as big as the Coronary Bypass! Topped with two fried eggs, siz slices of American Cheese, and eight slices of bacon, all served between the two grilled cheese sandwiches that we use in place of the regular hamburger buns."
 - Taken from the Vortex's Menu 

And it looked like this

And see those Tots? Yup they were full of shredded cheese. YUM! And who ate the entire thing? 
(Disclaimer: I did not eat all the tots. And Michelle and RB both had bites. And bacon)
Yeah.. that'd be me. And let me tell you. It was a-ma-zing. All that you could imagine and more!! 
 Love him ^^^
Michelle & I 

And to top it off? The HOT LIGHT was on! 

Best date night ever!!! 


Anni said...

:oD darn, now I´m hungry!!!


Jackie said...

wow!! How'd you eat it all and not get sick? haha.

Michelle said...

SOOOOOO MUCH FUN! Soooo delicious :)

Bebe428 said...

Sounds delicious!!!!!!! Now I'm craving Krispy Kreme!! THANKS :)

Brit @ Confessions of a PinAholic said...

I want a heart attack on a plate now! Jealous!! And btw, thanks for the donut!