Sunday, July 15, 2012

Breakfast, a Pedicure and a Giant Cucumber...

.... Now that's what I call a GREAT weekend! Hi dolls! How was everyone's weekend? This weekend was crazy! I don't think we stopped moving! 

Friday... With the help of Michelle and Alex (Stacy's husband) I threw a surprise birthday party for my sweet friend Stacy! It went great but they only picture I got was me making cupcakes. How lame am I? But Stacy was so surprised and I stuffed myself silly with spinach dip so it was a win all around :) Fletcher went home with his daddy and got a power nap and was awake by the time I got home... then he decided to have a diaper party at 11pm! #fail #onetiredmomma
 Saturday... My mom treated RB, FAR, and I to breakfast at the new Covington Diner. And I was impressed! Fletcher had a Mickey Mouse pancake bigger than his head and the building (former Shoney's turned into a Chinese buffet) Was clean and different! We will defiantly be going back, plus they are open 24 hrs on the weekend. Not that that matters to me because frankly i'm asleep by 10. 
Then I got an amazing pedi 
(Do you see my tan lines on my feet from my flip flops. Totally from cutting grass!)
After this we took Fletcher to meet his best friend. My son fell in love with Larry the Cucumber. (If your thinking what is this crazy talking about, click here) Oh my word. If Fletcher had his way we would of loaded up giant Larry and brought him home. (We did leave with a Larry movie and a Noah's Ark with Larry as Noah) Fletcher climbed up RB to look at Larry when we were not talking to him and had a COW when we had to leave Larry at the store. 
When we got home my sweet sweet cousin Brit came over and we she designed my new blog design! And I also made the plunge and became Wahoo!! 

Sunday... I woke up with Sinus junk and Fletcher had a teething fever so we stayed home from church and had a relaxing day with family :)  And ended the night with the #pfchat with Passionfruit Ads Fletch helped :) 
Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 

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Brit @ Confessions of a PinAholic said...

Wow. You had a busy weekend! Well, I already heard about it, but it's fun to read and look at the pics again!

ashlyn williams said...

your little guy is adorbs! & i am in desperate need of a pedicure. & love me some veggie tales! ha


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Visiting from the Weekend Update link up. This looks like a fabulous weekend. Your little guy is adorable!

Dana @ five30three said...

My son is too young for me to know about veggie tales. Oh, the things I still have to learn! Thanks for linking up with us.

Sami said...

What a fabulous and busy weekend! Love your new blog design, thanks so much for linking up :)

Kimberlee said...

haha love your baby sitting in front of the Twitter party ;)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Up until getting sick (I'm sick now too boo!) sounds like a great weekend!

Thanks for linking up with us :)